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My first impression of the V2 Cigs website is that it’s very intuitive and simple. The layout is easy to navigate, and everything is right where you would expect it to be.

Starter Kits from V2 Cigs span a large range of products, are priced affordably, and include a LifeTime Warranty that increases the value.

It was imperative that I make sure to try not only the USB Passthrough / V2 Power Cig I mentioned earlier, but all the available flavors for the V2 Cartridge Refills, as well. The V2 PCC (Portable Charging Case) and the V2 Cigs chargers also caught my eye, and the most cost effective option was the V2 Ultimate Kit, for which the default price is $146.59. Luckily, I was able to take advantage of a 10% discount, which brought the price down to $131.93. As one might expect from the name of this starter pack, the V2 Ultimate Kit is V2 Cigs’ biggest Starter Kit. It is a top-tier option that comes in your choice of three colors (chrome, black, or white), along with three batteries and the famed USB Passthrough.


You also have the option of choosing automatic or manual type products. This is one of the most inclusive kits I’ve seen, based on the power of the included batteries alone. The Portable Charging Case, which is useful for charging your e-cigarettes while you’re out and about, is part of this kit, along with several different chargers: wall, car, and USB. Twenty five refill cartomizers are also included, which is something other e-cig companies’ starter kits (such as the one offered by Vapor4Life) can’t hold a candle to. V2 Cigs gives you a choice of five flavors to test, as well.



My first impression of the V2 Cigs website is that it’s very intuitive and simple. The layout is easy to navigate, and everything is right where you would expect it to be. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to overlook the amount of customization allowed in the on-site shopping cart, as you can choose flavor choices that are not specified in the drop-down menu by manually requesting them in the comment area (assuming you are purchasing a kit which includes more than five cartridges). Customers may not notice this unless they read each item’s description in its entirety. This also applies to the batteries – you can specify which colors you would like for each individual type by writing your preferences in the comment field. I ordered a Long V2 Cigs Battery in chrome (with the manual button), a regular V2 Manual battery in black, and a short automatic V2 Battery in white.



Before I put my order through, however, I wanted to make sure that V2 Cigs’ customer service team is as great as other reviewers have indicated. The V2 Cigs Live support staff did not disappoint.


I knew the answers to most of the questions I was asking before I even contacted V2 Cigs support, but in order to provide a more accurate review, I decided to put the Live support staff through the wringer. The wait time was very short, which is rare for online support desks in my experience, so it didn’t take long for me to start asking the full range of basic questions that someone new to e-cigarettes might ask. I pretended to know very little about electronic cigarettes, touching on all sorts of subjects and every product I could think of. The woman I spoke to was incredibly patient with me, despite having to walk me through all sorts of obvious answers for upwards of a full hour.

. I asked about the ability to customize Starter Kits, as well as the strengths of the USB Passthroughs offered by V2 Cigs, and the supposedly revolutionary technology of their cartomizers… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The transcript is available here for you to peruse, if you are curious. The customer service representative who was assigned to me was obviously very familiar with the products, and in answering my questions so quickly and thoroughly, I was starting to see just what all the V2 Cigs hype was really about. There is no question in my mind that V2 Cigs employs very competent people to help support customers. At no point did I feel like I was bothering the representative I spoke to, which left a lasting impression on me.

V2 cig with charger

It hadn’t occurred to me to ask this on my own, but it is possible to mix flavors in your V2 Cartridge set. In order to try all the flavor options, it would technically require two packs of five cartridges, but you can ask for mixed flavors in the order’s comment section. If you are looking to buy a Starter Kit that has more than five cartridges included (the V2 Standard kit offers ten cartridges, while the V2 Traveler Kit offers fifteen, and the V2 Couples Kit offers twenty; the Ultimate bundle includes twenty-five), ordering the mixed flavor sampler is practically a given. I ordered the mixed sampler for ten of my allotted twenty-five cartridges so that I could try each option individually. I also made sure to get one five-pack each of the three tobacco flavors available. V2 Cigs offers a Marlboro duplicate in the Cowboy (RED) flavor, while Sahara is similar to Camel, and Congress is similar to Parliaments.

It was suggested to me that I call V2 Cigs’ hotline directly to check on the stock of the items I was ordering before going through with it. This way, I would likely avoid a back order, or be informed ahead of time if the company was running low on my particular products. It was very refreshing to speak to someone so honest, as these mistakes do happen and I appreciate her trying to help me avoid them… but in the future, I would love to see a way to check the stock online, perhaps integrated directly into the cart. SmokeTip does this for their refills. I suggested this to her, as it would certainly prevent many irritating “surprises” for customers who don’t contact the company before placing their first orders.V2CIGS-Coupon-Discount-RedTag_15off

Checking out online is a very easy process. Just as the website is sleek an easily navigable, the checkout process is similarly streamlined. Standard shipping is offered through the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you are not willing to wait, you have faster options such as Fed Ex Delivery at your fingertips, which was a great addition; I know I’m hardly the only one who gets that “itch” when waiting for new packages to arrive. Since my conversation with the support staff, I had called the company directly and learned that the Starter Kit I wanted to purchase was in stock, and so I placed my order. I was informed that most orders ship out within 48 hours of being placed, but I was surprised when I received my order in only two days. I assume that even if ordering through the USPS, which is the slower option, the longest wait time would be no more than a week.

There are a handful of flavors available for the V2 Cartridges, nine of which are very impressive, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if more options were offered.

While I understand the appeal of alternate flavors, I believe that an e-cigarette manufacturer should be able to produce a taste close to that of actual tobacco, as well as menthol. Since electronic smoking (also known as “vaping”) is an alternative to traditional smoking, I feel as though companies such as V2 Cigs should be able to perform this task well.

Limited_Edition_Flavor_Cartridges_Grape_5-Pack_V2_Cigs__32138_zoomSo far, I am very happy with the traditional tobacco flavors offered by the V2 Cigs company. I feel as though, since many e-cig smokers will prefer these flavors, it is best to concentrate on perfecting them, and I am incredibly impressed. I enjoyed the Sahara flavor most due to its closeness to Camel, which was my preferred brand before switching to e-cigarettes. It is a very authentic and familiar flavor which I can see many different vapers appreciating. Sahara is also the most recent addition to V2 Cigs’ flavor repertoire, and it seems that the company has improved greatly after a trial and error process with their other tobacco flavors – for example, the Cowboy flavor was the most disappointing, but both Congress and Sahara got it right. The V2 Congress cartridges are not that different from the Cowboy cartridges, but the taste has a richer, smoother edge to it. While taste will differ depending on the individual, compared to other products I’ve tried, V2 cartridges supply a strong (but not overwhelming) vapor that is very satisfying. People who are trying V2 Cigs, or e-cigarettes in general, for the first time are likely to be pleased with at least one of the tobacco flavor options.


The non tobacco flavors are surprisingly good, as well. They are run of the mill flavors in that they aren’t particularly original and they are flavors we have all seen before, but they are very well executed. The peppermint flavor was not sharp or offensive. Chocolate and coffee both struck me as incredibly comforting, and like the Congress cartridges I described above, have certain “smoothness” to them. V2 Cigs plans to create more flavors, and I have a feeling the next in line would be a “cola” type, which has been one of my favorites when I’m sampling other brands. V2 Cigs also openly acknowledges that their cartridges can be refilled up to five times each, and I’m very glad to hear that they don’t hide this fact, despite the fact that doing so would likely boost their profits. Empty cartomizers are available for purchase, but e-liquid itself is not (as of this point in time, at least). Refilling a fresh V2 cartridge will save you a fair amount of money, and it also allows you to explore many more flavors than the ones V2 Cigs currently offers; if you use the E Liquid Reviews website, you can find a huge amount of alternative flavors. That website also runs coupons for e liquid, meaning you can acquire high quality e liquid from revered nicotine liquid suppliers. This includes a 100% made in the USA e liquid that can refill V2 cartridges you’ve already used, as well as empty ones that are bought new.v2-awesomeproductspic

V2 Cigs’ produces a wide range of options, with optimized batteries are designed to give more power to your vape while maintaining their charge

v2cigIn the beginning of this review, I said that I noticed that V2 Cigs products seem to be based on the KR8080D-1 model, which has proven to be well liked among e-cigarette smokers around the world. This model has three battery sizes and two different types of each size (as compared to many e-cigarettes which rely only on one size or type). V2 Cigs make all six choices available to you. Given the small size of electronic cigarettes and their batteries, it is often hard to fit an adequate number of cells in order to power the device, however, it seems that as time goes on, companies are making huge technological advances and the battery life just keeps getting better. If you compare V2 Cigs products to the Joyetech EGO, for example, that specification performs very well but is approximately the size of a cigar. V2 Cigs, on the other hand, are closer to the size of a real cigarette, meaning that they look and feel like a traditional cig and give you a similar smoking experience. Since the vast majority of e-cigarette smokers have switched over from traditional cigarettes, it is not farfetched to assume that most smokers will want to mimic the experience of smoking normal cigarettes, and the V2 Cigs two piece cartomizer is the closest so far.

Since the batteries come in three different lengths, from longs and regulars to the appropriately nicknamed “shorty”, there are multiple choices to suit your style. All of the batteries made by V2 are optimized for a higher voltage if they are fully charged, and offer an extra jolt that enhances every vape. They are built to supply up to 4.2 volts, while other electronic cigarettes produce only 3.7. This results in a significant difference in vapor quality between other electronic cigarettes when your battery is fully charged.v2-cigs-wide-coupon-banner.

The shortest battery, the V2 Shorty Battery, is just a bit longer than a cigarette of standard length (100mm). It’s significantly smaller than other batteries, which is one of its high points, but due to its size its charge capacity leaves a lot to be desired. 150 mah of juice can’t hold a charge for very long, so you’ll be running out fairly quickly. I would advise you to get an automatic V2 Shorty if that is your battery of choice, due to the constant drain of a manual battery. The V2 Standard Battery, however, is my favorite, and a huge improvement over other e-cigarette batteries. I have been told that the V2 Standard Battery is this company’s best seller, and I can see why. It is also the default option if you don’t specify which battery you would like when ordering a Starter Kit. This battery strikes a great balance between portability and capacity. Because it boasts 250mah, it easily lasts much longer than the Shorty between charges and its manageable size is another factor working in its favor. It is 110mm long, so unless that extra 10mm is a big deal to you personally, I would opt for the standard size. Last but not least we have the V2 long battery, which really is quite long, coming in at 140m when attached to the cartridge. It holds a whopping 350mah, though, making this the most powerful option. A single charge will last you roughly an entire day’s worth of usage. The manual battery option gives a significant improvement in the quality and performance of the vapor, making the V2 Cigs Long Battery my preferred battery.

Take advantage of the ability to customize your V2 Cigs Starter Kit – By picking at least one automatic battery, and one manual battery, you can easily and affordably figure out which option better suits your needs.


If you are new to electronic cigarettes, and therefore new to vaping, you may want to customize your kit by mixing and matching battery types, sizes, and colors. Manual batteries are my personal favorite, but you should have at least one automatic battery, since those include an internal flow sensor. An internal flow sensor will automatically detect when it should power the e-cigarette and cartomizer up or down (powering up only when you inhale) and, as a result, requires less fuss. The manual batteries, though, are activated by pressing a small button. While this may sound like more of a pain, it gives you more control over the e-cig; you get to choose how to manage vapor production more so than an automatic battery would. Manual batteries also produce more satisfying vapors in that they pre-heat the cartomizer for a couple seconds before you inhale. This allows you to get a richer drag than you would get with an automatic battery. These also have the longest lifespan, generally speaking, due to dealing off the e-liquid and preventing it from entering the battery chamber unintentionally. This is the most common problem with automatic e-cig batteries. V2 Cigs has advised me, during my chat with their support line that new “vapers” should try one of each battery type, and I agree. Even as a regular “vaper” I realize that my preference for manual batteries may not coincide with your own likes and dislikes.

V2 Cigs has three color options, as mentioned earlier in this review, and one of them mimics the look of a real cigarette. The very tip of the white battery glows red when you inhale. While I’ve heard many people praise these glowing tips, the white option so closely resembles a traditional cigarette that you may find yourself unable to vape in a public setting where cigarettes are normally forbidden. Since one of the biggest benefits of e-cigs is the ability to bring them into public spaces, such as bars and restaurants, without disturbing other patrons, you may want to choose the black battery instead, which sports either a black or blue tip upon your request. Blu Cigs chose the name for their brand because of the distinctive blue tip of their e-cigarette batteries, and by choosing the blue color, your e-cigarette is less obvious than the white option would be; a glowing blue tip may remind many people of science fiction movies, but is also much less likely to get you thrown out of a venue. There is also a sleek, chic chrome color that looks very “high end”.

The V2 USB Passthroughs offered by V2 Cigs are both incredibly innovative, unique devices that are worth your time and money.

Though the V2 Power Cig and V2 Notebook Cig are both some of the least pricey items in the V2 Cigs shop, they are both unique and valuable. They are included as extras in the top tier Starter Kits, but offered as part of the less expensive kits as well. While they both have their own specific names, they are better known by e-cigarette users as USB Passthroughs, which supplement the power supply of your battery of choice. They are excellent and highly recommended options for all vapers, and I find that they not only supplement your existing power supply, but can function as an alternative power supply altogether. They look and function the same as a battery in that they screw on to the refill cartridges in the same way, but the difference is that they have a wire protruding from the end, connected to either the V2 Wall Charger or a USB hub. The former can be plugged into your wall, and the latter plugs directly into your computer. Since the USB Passthroughs are meant to be plugged in, they are continuously receiving (and therefore supplying) power to your e-cigarettes. The V2 Notebook Cig and the V2 Notebook cig both allow your e-cigarettes to perform even better than a fully charged V2 Battery would! Both of them offer five volts of power, which is greater than even the voltage of the V2 Long Battery. This means you get a richer, more satisfying vape with more intense flavor. The downside, however, is that your refill cartridge will not last you as long, as it takes more “juice” to produce such a great vapor.


The difference between the two USB Passthroughs comes down to the fact that the V2 Notebook Cig and V2 Power Cig have different appearances. They both provide the same performance, and they both function the same way. You get the convenience of using a power supply that is constantly receiving and putting out power, as well as the high voltage vaping experience of a five volt option, and both are available only with a manual button (no automatic option here). The only notable difference is that the V2 Power Cig comes in a sleek white, while the V2 Notebook Cig comes only in black… and there’s also a difference in cord length. The V2 Notebook Cig will cost you less, but it also has a shorter cord that comes in at 4.25 feet or 1.3 meters. This means it is the preferred choice if you’re going to sit nearby your USB outlet, particularly if you plug. The V2 Power Cig has a much longer cord which comes in at 7.2 feet, or 2.2 meters, and as a result it is significantly more durable and is set into a spiral shape, much like older, corded phones used to be. If your USB outlet is going to be further away from you, or you’re intent on plugging directly into a wall, then this is the option for you. Otherwise, I would recommend the V2 Notebook Cig.

In conclusion: V2 Cigs could improve in several ways, but overall, this company is a viable option for everyone and has surpassed my expectations.

Given the fact that this company is so new to the industry, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have got the basics right and are showing great promise for the future. V2 Cigs makes some amazing Starter Kits, and I would recommend them to just about anyone without hesitation. The V2 Cigs line is just as outstanding as their customer service, as well; I find myself agreeing with every other person who has positively reviewed this company, as those reviews were completely spot on. I would give them a perfect score based on my interaction with their support staff, because it’s so hard to find a company that seems to genuinely care about and want to accommodate their customers these days – I was so glad to learn that the support employees were very well acquainted with the products their parent company was selling, and that they could answer all of my questions for an extended period of time without appearing frustrated or dropping my call. I also want to point out that they offer a 30 Day money back guarantee, an offer that is more generous than those of comparable brands, in my opinion. Value wise, considering the LifeTime Warranty on all the company’s electrical items – so basically, everything apart from the refill cartridges – you really can’t go wrong with V2 Cigs.


In the future, I feel that V2 Cigs should focus on increasing their flavor options. The current schedule, from what I’ve been told, is one new flavor every two months or so, and that is quite slow for dedicated customers who are familiar with or prefer other flavors that this company does not yet offer. However, this problem is easily remedied by purchasing the empty cartridges and finding your own e liquid elsewhere. V2 Cigs may also want to consider selling a line of their own e liquid in the future, and I’ve been told that they might do just that. But until that time, there are several outside options for e liquid suppliers, many of which I would rate highly.

v2floorshine-600-365ecigs11V2 Cigs’ website is also worth noting again, as it is very well made and equally well maintained. I would still like to see the company add some sort of notification system so that customers do not have to call ahead of time before placing an order, or perhaps consider marking an item as out of stock or low on stock manually to avoid this. The website in general is full of all the relevant information, but if you find yourself having questions, it’s very easy to contact support (and as I’ve said, speaking with customer service has been a dream). Please give my V2 Live Support chat transcript a peek, or talk to the company yourself, if you would like to check out the quality of their customer service for yourself. There is a forum you can post on, as well, where you can converse with other vapers. There are many people who frequent the forum, which is located at v2forum.com, ready to share their experiences.

I have to revisit the customization options offered through V2 Cigs. The level of customization is incredible, and surpasses what other companies offer by a land slide. Hopefully, V2 Cigs will clarify the available options in the future, so that customers will be able to take full advantage of the range of products and specifications offered. It’s great that you can choose your own color, size, flavors, et cetera by simply writing them in the comment field during the check out process, and I wish more companies would follow suit with this. A quick reminder, though: call the company directly before placing your order, to check on the stock for your particular items. As for the shipping options themselves, V2 Cigs delivered on their promise to ship within the first 24 to 48 hours after my order was placed, and you can choose between standard USPS shipping and Fed Ex (a somewhat faster option). If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs should be the first company you try, due to the affordability of their products. The cigarettes are incredibly easy to use, and their two piece structure is not difficult to understand or assemble. A 10% discount coupon code, exclusive to V2 Cigs, takes even more money off and increases the value of your purchase – these savings definitely sweeten the deal. For this price, the performance and quality of service simply can’t be beat.

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